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  • Clipping Path – Clipping path is the classic photo editing technique where an outline is drawn around an image that you want to separate from its background. Then you can place the image in front of a new background that you customized yourself.
  • Background Removal – If you need to remove background from image, then try our background removal services. We employ several different techniques to remove a background from a photograph, leaving behind the objects in the foreground.
  • Image Masking – Image masking is like clipping path because both involve removing a person or object from the image to eliminate the background. However, image masking is geared more toward complex objects that have a lot of minor details to them, such as hair or fur.
  • Photo Retouching – Photo retouching is effective for visually enhancing a photo which has a lot of darkness and bad lighting. A retouch can make the central people or objects of the photo look more vibrant and attractive.
  • Drop Shadow – Drop shadow is useful if you want to create a shadow effect for an object or person in a photo. The shadow will appear underneath them as if the sunlight were really hitting them from a certain angle.
  • Ghost Mannequin – Ghost mannequin is a photo editing effect that most people want who are running an online clothing store. It creates the illusion that an invisible mannequin is wearing the clothing in the photo. Every impression of their shape and body can be seen in the clothing, even though you don’t actually see the physical mannequin.
  • Raster to Vector – Raster to vector is a conversion service for turning raster images into vector images. If you need to scale up the dimensions of your logo or graphic designs, a conversion into vector is just the service for you.
  • Mirror Effect – The mirror effect creates a reflection of an object in the photo. This can be a reflection cast on water or a glass surface to enhance its realism.
  • Color Correction – Color correction helps improve the colors of a photograph by making them look more vibrant and colorful. If you have B&W or poor-quality photos, then a color correction service will transform them into something beautiful.
  • Ecommerce Image Editing – If you run an ecommerce store then you probably work with several product images. To make your images look more attractive for customers, you’ll need to apply various lighting and color effects to make them stand out more. Our ecommerce image editing service can help you do that.

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