Clipping Path Services

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Clipping path services are some of the most commonly requested photo editing services that we receive. It is so common that we even named our company after it.


Why is it common?


Well, most people who take a photograph are not happy with the background and wish to remove it from the image. Usually, they want to remove the background because they want to cut out the person or object in the foreground and place them in front of another customized background.


This would be easy to do if the picture was taken in front of a green screen background where you could replace it with any other background that you want there. Unfortunately, most pictures that people take are in the moment rather than in some studio with a green screen and professional photography equipment. This means they cannot control the background in real time.


Clipping path services are a solution to this problem. A “clipping path” is the name of a photo editing technique where you draw an outline around an image that you want to separate from its background. In Photoshop, the Pen Tool is used to do this work. Once the editor traces the outline around the desired image, they can cut out everything which exists within the lines. In this case, it would be the person or object that you traced which gets cut out. Meanwhile, everything outside of the lines, such as the background, will be omitted.


The outline must be drawn with complete precision or else you might get some of the background in the clipped image. This might sound like an easy task, but it requires a skilled editor with a steady and creative hand. If you don’t have the artistic ability to perform the clipped path technique, then you are not going to capture a clean-cut version of the image that you wanted to separate from the background.

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