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About the Price of Our Services

Clipping Path Space offers a variety of different photo editing services, so there is no fixed price for everything. The price is determined by the type of photo edits you need done and how extensive it is. The charts below should give you a general idea of how we price our services.

For example, a simple clipping path job will cost $0.35 while a super complex job will cost $5.35. However, do not take these prices at face value because they are just estimate amounts. If you want to know how much your photo editing job will cost, click one of the “Get a Quotation” links below. You will be brought to a contact page where you can send us a message with all details and specifications about your photo editing needs. You will also have the chance to upload the original photo for us to review.

Once we receive your information and photo, we will review it all to determine the final price. Then we will contact you with this price information. Our customer support team normally replies within 24 hours or less, so you won’t need to wait long. If you prefer a call back on the telephone, we can accommodate that request as well.

Clipping Path

  • Simple $0.35
  • Compound $1.35
  • Medium $2.35
  • Complex $3.35
  • Super Complex $5.35

Image Masking

  • Layer Masking $1.35
  • Hair Masking $1.85
  • Channel Masking $1.85
  • Transparent Masking $2.85
  • Complex Masking $5.35

Photo Retouching

  • Basic Retouching $0.35
  • Jewellery Retouching $1.35
  • Glamour Retouching $2.85
  • Image Restoration $4.85
  • Complex Retouching $5.85

Shadow Service

  • Basic Shadow $0.35
  • Drop Shadow $0.85
  • Product Shadow $1.35
  • Natural Shadow $2.35
  • Complex Shadow $3.35

Ghost Mannequin

  • Neck Joint $1.35
  • Full Product Work $2.85
  • Custom $4.35

Vector Conversion

  • Raster to Vector $2.35
  • Vector Drawing $6.35
  • Logo Design $15.0

Mirror Effect

  • Basic Shadow $0.35
  • Mirror Effect $0.85
  • Complex Shadow $1.85

Color Correction

  • Color Correction $0.85
  • Exposure Correction $3.85
  • Color Conversion $6.35