Clipping Path

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path services are some of the most commonly requested photo editing services that we receive. It is so common that we even named our company after it.

Why is it common?

Well, most people who take a photograph are not happy with the background and wish to remove it from the image. Usually, they want to remove the background because they want to cut out the person or object in the foreground and place them in front of another customized background.

This would be easy to do if the picture was taken in front of a green screen background where you could replace it with any other background that you want there. Unfortunately, most pictures that people take are in the moment rather than in some studio with a green screen and professional photography equipment. This means they cannot control the background in real time.

Clipping path services are a solution to this problem. A “clipping path” is the name of a photo editing technique where you draw an outline around an image that you want to separate from its background. In Photoshop, the Pen Tool is used to do this work. Once the editor traces the outline around the desired image, they can cut out everything which exists within the lines. In this case, it would be the person or object that you traced which gets cut out. Meanwhile, everything outside of the lines, such as the background, will be omitted.

The outline must be drawn with complete precision or else you might get some of the background in the clipped image. This might sound like an easy task, but it requires a skilled editor with a steady and creative hand. If you don’t have the artistic ability to perform the clipped path technique, then you are not going to capture a clean-cut version of the image that you wanted to separate from the background.

Use Professional Clipping Path Services

Another name for a clipping path service is called a deep etching service. These terms are more familiar to those who work as photographers, graphic designers, website designers, print advertisers, and anyone else who works with photos. These professionals are constantly needing backgrounds removed from their photographs and then cleaned up more with photo enhancement edits.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you may still lack the skills needed for digitally editing photographs in this way. If you have never used Photoshop or its pen and clipping tools, then you will have a difficult time setting the clipping path just right. The clipping path technique is best applied by someone who has training and experience in using it. This will ensure that you get the kind of commercial quality results that you want.

Clipping Path Space employs the finest team of clipping path experts who can remove the background from virtually any type of picture or photo that you provide. There are different levels available to our clipping path services, such as simple, compound, medium, complex, and super complex. These levels range from simple to complex or custom. This is how we base the pricing of our clipping path services. To help you understand the different clipping path levels, let’s go over them below:

Simple – The simple level clipping path is a service offered for an easy and simple background removal job. This would involve a square or rectangular shaped object that you want to separate from its background. There would be no holes in the object either. Some examples of objects like these include a book, smartphone, laptop, and so on. The simple level is also the most affordable of the clipping path services.

Compound – The compound level clipping path service is a step up from the simple level. The objects in the photos won’t have holes in them, but they might have more curves and circular shapes to them. Examples of these objects include boots, shoes, and tires.

Medium – The medium level clipping path service is a little more challenging than the compound level. The types of objects in the medium level would be things like t-shirts, rings, cars, and any objects which have multiple holes and/or curves to them. Since rings and cars have areas where you can see through them, this automatically puts the objects in the medium level class.

Complex – The complex level clipping path service is necessary to use when the circular or curved object in your photo has several holes all over the place. Objects like these could be more elaborate pieces like bracelets, chains, shingles, necklaces, furniture and so on.

Super Complex – The super complex level clipping path service is when the object is huge and consists of mostly holes. Chained linked fences and bicycles are great examples of these objects. Super complex will cost the most money per photo, but it is worth it if you really need to separate a super complicated object from the background.

Which One Do I Choose?

Do not worry if you are still confused about which clipping path level to choose for your photo editing job. There is a reason why we don’t put “Buy Now” buttons on the website because we are talking about complicated services that cannot have fixed prices. Every single clipping path request that we receive is different and unique. The only way we’ll know for sure which level your photo falls under is if we look at it first and evaluate your job requirements.

Based on our review of the information and photo you submit, we will respond by telling you the clipping path level your job falls under and the total price for us to perform the edit. The details and pricing information published on our website is just for your personal reference. It is meant to give you a rough idea of what you can expect from the service and the cost. But the final determination will always be made after we review your details ourselves.

If you would like to submit your information or ask a question about our services, please go to the “Contact Us” page to find the message form.