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Color Correction Service

Colors are the essence of any photograph. When someone looks at a photo, the first thing they’ll notice are the colors. For instance, if you show someone a black and white photograph of just about anything, they will immediately think about the black and white colors and not the objects or people in the photo. It will take them a few seconds to process and identify the objects, settings, and people that might be in there.

Colors get processed first before anything else. They give the viewer a subliminal sense or feeling which can be either good or bad. A black and white photo will automatically make a person think it is an old photo because of those colors. But if it is a vibrant and colorful photo, the viewer will interpret it as a newer photo that is more attractive and pleasant. If you’re like most photographers or laypeople, you want your photos to look vibrant and attractive no matter what they currently look like.

For most amateur photographers, the quality of the color in their photos are somewhat in the middle. No one really uses black and white cameras or effects anymore unless they’re purposely trying to create that effect for their picture. The average person has a digital camera which already takes color photos. These are supposedly high definition cameras which produce high quality photos.

However, in most cases, the color picture quality of these photos does not exactly meet commercial quality standards. This might be okay if you’re just a person posting up random photos on social media. But if you’re looking to save these photos or use them for some business purpose, then you’ll want their colors to look better than ever. A lot of people who take family photos like to enhance them with color corrections and other effects. That way, it makes the memory of the experience look very special.

As a business person, photos are everything when it comes to displaying your products. If you just take sloppy pictures of your products with a smartphone camera, then your customers are not going to take you seriously. You’ll end up publishing pictures with shadows, distorted lighting, and low-quality colors. Who will ever want to purchase anything from you with these kinds of photos published?

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Performing a color correction on a photograph is a very complex thing. It involves more than just changing the color scale of the image in Photoshop. You need to be familiar with Photoshop tools associated with colors, shadows, masking and other effects. If you’re like most people, then you probably do not possess these skills. Therefore, you’ll be better off hiring a professional team of color correction specialists who do possess these skills.

Clipping Path Space can offer you the very best when it comes to color correction services. We can take any photograph you give us and turn it into the most exquisite artform that you’ve ever seen. Our photo editing experts will bring out the vibrance and beauty in photographs that might look like they don’t have any left. Just wait until you see what we can do for you.

Color correction tasks can be quite extensive. That is why they are not all placed into just one category. In fact, we at Clipping Path Space have created three categories for our color correction image editing services.  These categories include color correction, exposure correction, and color conversion. You can probably guess by the names of these categories as to what they entail. But to help educate you on them further, you can learn more about them below.

Color Correction – Color correction is our basic service for enhancing the colors of your photograph. In a nutshell, our photo editors will apply various effects to your photo to make it look more visually pleasing to the eye. They will do things like enhance the color balance, contrast, glossiness, and so on. Color overlays and bevel effects might also be applied. The estimated cost per image for this service is $0.85.

 Exposure Correction – Exposure correction is a little bit different than color correction. Rather than focusing on just the color, we will also focus on the brightness and amount of light shown in the photo. This doesn’t mean we are just going to mask your image with a brightness effect. Our experts will manually add light to every unit area of the photo to ensure its brightness looks 100% real.  The price of exposure correction services is $3.85 per image.

 Color Conversion – Color conversion is a bit more complex than color correction. The difference here is that color conversion is converting the existing colors of an image into entirely new colors. This is the service that you’d want to choose if you have black and white photos that you want turned into color photos. You may also want to get creative and convert the darker colors of an existing color photograph into flashier, more vibrant colors. The price per image for a color conversion is $6.35.

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You might see free automated color correction tools advertised on the internet. However, these tools will do a quick color correction job that will be nothing more than a few bright and contrast effects applied to the image. Clipping Path Space manually performs their color corrections for every client. Manual corrections are required if you want the quality to be top notch. Since customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves in the most, then we ensure that all our editors do the work manually. That is how we know you will be happy with the outcome.

Clipping Path Space is always available to take your questions, comments, or requests. We offer multiple ways for you to contact us. Just look at the contact information on the bottom of the page or use the Contact Page on the navigational bar. Once we learn more about the color correction work that you need done, we will give you a more exact price quote.