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Drop Shadow

Shadow can take on many different meanings. Most people think of shadows as those black silhouettes of themselves that appear on the ground or walls after sunlight hits them from an angle. However, in the world of photo editing, shadows don’t necessarily have to refer to sunlight. Sometimes you might want an object or person in your photo to have a shadow underneath them to create a unique visual appearance.

Unfortunately, you don’t have control over the sun or which angle it shines down at. This requires you to take matters into your own hands by adding the shadows yourself. Some people might try to stage a scene where they use artificial lighting to create the shadows on the objects. But this is not recommended for shadowing because these kinds of shadows might not stand out the way you want them to. It is better to apply a drop shadow effect to the object instead.

Basically, drop shadow is the name of a photo editing technique where you add a shadow underneath the object or central figure of the photo. Most shadows are black, but you can also make them grey as well. The shadow must match the shape of the object for it to look real. Drop shadows will always appear better in photographs than real shadows. That is why it is better to use drop shadow effects.

Professional Drop Shadow Services

There are literally dozens of reasons as to why you may need drop shadows in your photos. For instance, let’s say you’re an online retailer who wants to make their products stand out more. A drop shadow underneath the object will put more emphasis on the colors of the object itself. It will subconsciously make them appear brighter and more vibrant in the viewer’s mind. That is why they work so well.

There is no sense in attempting to create these shadows in real life because there are too many elements in your environment that will mess up the shot. On top of that, it will cost you too much time and money to set up the perfect shot to capture these shadows. Why not save time and money by hiring a professional photo editor to apply drop shadows to your photos quickly and easily?

Drop shadow effects should only be applied by a specially trained photo editor who knows about Photoshop and the art of drop shadowing. It is not enough to just click on the shadow tool in Photoshop and start spreading shaded darkness around the base of your objects. You need to apply the shadow effects in a specialized manner so that it appears 100% authentic. If just one little area of the shadow appears in consistent with the object above it, then the viewer will know it is fake.

At Clipping Path Space, we assure you that we have the most highly skilled photo editing experts in the industry. They know everything there is to know about drop shadowing and more. In fact, there are multiple categories to drop shadowing because of how complex it really is.

Below are these five categories described in more detail:

Basic Shadow – Basic shadow is a simple shadow effect applied to the base of the object. This means a little bit of shadow darkness without necessarily reflecting the same shape and image as the object above it. Basic shadowing is good for people who just want a small shadow added without anything to extensive.

Drop Shadow – Drop shadow is a step up from the basic shadow because this effect will take the shape of the object above it. By shape, it means the shadow will look like a real shadow of that object rather than just some scattered darkness. Drop shadow is the category that most people will need to choose. This is good for adding shadows behind text or objects. You can also use this for modifying existing shadows.

Product Shadow – If you want to enhance the photos of products by using shadows, then you might want to choose the product shadow category. Our photo editors will go the extra mile to make your product stand out and look as attractive as possible. This will involve drop shadowing as well as other image enhancement techniques like brightness and color correction.

Natural Shadow – Natural shadow is an effect that makes the shadow below your object look as real and natural as possible. In addition to reflecting the same shape as the object, a natural shadow will also be cast at an angle. This will illustrate the realism of sunlight or artificial light hitting the object from a side angle.

In other circumstances, natural shadowing effects can fix any distorted shadows which currently exist in the photo. For instance, if you have a photo of a chair and the shadow under it is hard to see because of the background, then we will eliminate the background and enhance the shadow to make it stand out.

Complex Shadow – Sometimes there will be complicated photo edit projects that require multiple drop shadows at different angles and so on. These types of projects will fall under the category of complex shadow. This will be the most expensive, but also the most rewarding.

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At Clipping Path Space, we try to keep our prices reasonable for our drop shadowing services. The basic shadow service is only $0.35 per image while the complex shadow service is $3.35 per image. This is quite affordable for the average photographer who needs to add or correct the shadowing in their photos.

If you are not sure which drop shadow category that you need, we will determine that for you. When we receive all your drop shadowing specifications and requirements, our team of expert photo editors will go over them diligently. Once the extensiveness of the work has been determined, you will receive a quote back. If you only need one image edited, then it will never be over $3.35. That is the best deal around.

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