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Ghost Mannequin Service

Think about when you’re in a physical clothing store and you see mannequins wearing different clothing pieces. These could be pieces that are trending in the fashion industry or our hot sellers at that time. Whatever the clothes are, the store employees dress the mannequins up in them because they want to show the public what it looks like to wear these clothes. This will immediately grab the attention of prospective customers and make them more interested in purchasing that clothing piece.

Sometimes an ecommerce clothing store might feature pictures of mannequins wearing their clothes as well. However, it is quite less common for online retailers to do this than you might think. They don’t want their audience’s attention to be taken away from the clothes themselves. Physical mannequins are often quite attractive themselves and have a way of captivating people. If someone is thinking more about the mannequin than the clothes it is wearing, then it will not be good for the business.

When customers shop for clothes online, you need to create the look of someone wearing the clothes but without showing the person or mannequin that is wearing them. How do you do this you might ask? The solution is to create a “ghost mannequin” using special photo editing techniques. A ghost mannequin creates the illusion of an invisible person wearing the clothing pieces that are displayed in the pictures. This leaves an impression in the clothes like there is a body underneath them, even though you don’t see the physical body.

Ghost mannequins are very common nowadays. More online clothing store are using them because of how appealing they make their merchandise look. It is also much cheaper for an online retailer to use ghost mannequins instead of hiring real-life models to wear the clothes. In fact, it is cheaper to use ghost mannequins than to purchase real mannequins too! If you are a startup business that wants to save money on its product images, then ghost mannequin services are the best way to go.

Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

There are a lot of special techniques and strategies that are applied to a ghost mannequin photo. You cannot just take a picture of someone wearing a shirt and then use Microsoft Paint to clip out their head and limbs. If you do, it will leave major inconsistences in various areas of the clothing. To properly execute a ghost mannequin image edit, you need to think about preserving every little area of the clothing while eliminating the person or mannequin wearing it.

Clipping Path Space is one of the few image editing companies that even offers ghost mannequin services. There are very specific skills that a photo editor needs to have to create an authentic looking ghost mannequin. It just so happens that our team of photo editors at Clipping Path Space have these skills and more. We’ve created ghost mannequins for hundreds of clients and they’ve all praised the quality of our work.

Our ghost mannequin services come in three categories; neck joint, full product work, and custom. These three categories are designed to give you a discount on simple ghost mannequin services in comparison to the more complicated ones. The difference between the categories mainly has to do with how much of the ghost mannequin is being shown in the photo and whether they are wearing anything extra other than clothes. You will learn more about each category as you read on below:

Neck Joint – When you’re running an online store selling shirts, there will be no need to capture the entire body of a ghost mannequin. After all, what would be the point of showing the pants and shoes if you’re only selling the shirt? Therefore, you only need to show the upper body of the ghost mannequin. In this case, you would need to purchase our neck joint ghost mannequin service. The neck joint service will show the arms and neck area of the shirt as the invisible ghost mannequin wears it. Nothing else will be shown below the waist.

 Full Product Work – Full product work is a ghost mannequin service where you want to capture the entire body rather than just the upper body. For instance, if you are selling a complete outfit, such as a suit or dress, then you will need to have ghost mannequin effects for the top and bottom. This means the legs, arms and neck areas of the ghost mannequin will need to be captured.

 Custom – There are rare projects that come along where people request for a ghost mannequin to wear jewelry, scarfs, or other small objects. This would be outside the scope of “full product work” because this involves more than just clothes. Anytime accessories are added to the ghost mannequin, then you will need to purchase the custom category for ghost mannequin services.

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Clipping Path Space offers very reasonable prices for these ghost mannequin services. The neck joint service is $1.35 per image, the full product work is $2.85, and the custom is $4.35. Of course, these are just fixed estimates based on the average projects that we do in these categories. The exact price will be determined after you send us your project information for the ghost mannequin job.

 Since there are not too many other companies offering ghost mannequin services, you should definitely consider purchasing ours. Despite the rarity of these services, we keep our rates extremely low just like with all our other photo editing services. We encourage you to at least try one photo edit out and see how well you like it. If you’re impressed, then you can get more ghost mannequin edits done for your other photos.

Therefore, if you are ready for us to get started on your ghost mannequin photo job, click the “Get a Quote” link on the Pricing page or go to the Contact Us page and send us a message about what you want done. We will respond within 1-2 business days with a price quote and a timeframe for completion.