Image Masking

Image Masking Service

Image masking is another photo editing technique implemented when someone wants to remove the background to separate the foreground objects or people from it. In addition, image masking can fix areas of the photo which may be distorted or irregular. This is a more advanced form of the clipping path technique that ensures every detail of your foreground object is captured while the entire background is removed.

The people who usually need image masking services are photographers, whether professional or amateur. The might be creating portraits of people or possibly putting together a collage or portfolio of their work. Image masking allows photographers to remove complicated backgrounds that are fuzzy or distorted and replace them with clear or simple backgrounds.

Are you interested in creating a green screen effect for your background? You don’t need to have a studio and a physical green screen to create a green screen effect in your photographs. By using an image masking service to remove your existing backgrounds, you can have them digitally replaced with green backgrounds. After you do that, you can then digitally integrate a new image into the green area of the background.

As for all the amateur or recreational photographers out there, image masking services will benefit you too. There may come a point in time when you want certain elements removed from your photos. Image masking is not always about removing backgrounds only. In fact, image masking is useful for removing anything from a photograph that you don’t want in there. These could be people and objects too.

For example, let’s say you are a married person who is getting a divorce. Do you really want to throw away all the pictures you took with your spouse because you two are no longer together? To save the memories of the places you went in those photographs, you can have an image masking service remove your spouse from the photographs and just leave you in them. The missing space will then be matched with the rest of the surroundings.

Professional and Affordable

If you are a photographer, you can save a lot of money by hiring a professional image masking service provider like Clipping Path Space. Our prices range from $1.35 to $5.35 per photo, which is a good deal when you compare it to the price of running a studio of your own. On top of that, you are not forced to spend time and money setting up the perfect background shot for your photos. You can just take a photo within any setting and send it to us for an image masking job. We will remove the photo and send it back to you with a new background in there. The job will be done fast and efficiently.

Clipping Path Space contains the best professional photo editors in the industry. They have a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to background removals with image masking. Not all image masking jobs are the same either because the complexity of photos are often different. That is why we have created five categories for our image masking services. These categories are layer masking, hair masking, channel masking, transparent masking, and complex masking.

Let’s go over each of these image masking categories now. They are arranged from cheapest to most expensive, based on their level of difficulty for the image masking job they refer to.

Layer Masking – Layer masking is a type of image masking and manipulation where you alter a specific image layer’s transparency level. This is useful if you want to have certain elements in your photo more transparent than others.

 Hair Masking – When you have an object in your photo which has a lot of fur or hair, it makes it more difficult to mask the background areas in between those little strands of hair. In this case, you would need our hair masking service.

 Channel Masking – Channel masking is often referred to as alpha masking. When different objects in the photograph require varying amounts of transparency, then channel masking will be needed. If your photo or image is part of an animation frame, then channel masking will be needed because the background will be changing constantly in each new frame.

 Transparent Masking – Transparent masking is when you take the whole image’s background and separate it from the object. From there, you can transfer the object on top of another background, but the object will have some level of transparency. This comes in handy if the object is something like sunglasses or car class.

 Complex Masking – For any other type of image masking that is more complex than what is described in these previous 4 image masking categories, it will require a complex masking service. This could even include a combination of two or more of these masking jobs. This will be determined by our experts after they review your job requirements.

 Which Choice Do I Make?

 This might all seem overwhelming to you. However, we are here to guide you in this process every step of the way. Clipping Path Space will make the final determination of what type of image masking you need done after we review your job requirements. The information we provide on this page is merely for reference purposes only. It is meant to give you an idea of what kind of imaging masking we can perform for your photos. But even if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do the photo edit job that you need done.

To learn more about our image masking and photo editing services, you can contact us in one of three ways. You can use the phone number and email address which is clearly printed at the bottom of every page or you can select the “Contact Us” link on the navigational bar at the top. Then you will be able to submit your photo and a description of what you need done. We will respond by letting you know which photo masking techniques will need to be applied along with how much this service will cost.