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Mirror Effect Services

The mirror effect is another way of describing a reflection effect. If there is an object or person in your photo that might look better with a reflection underneath them, then you would want to create a mirror effect to make this happen. Do not confuse the mirror effect with the drop shadow effect because they are different.

With shadowing, you are creating a black silhouette of the object on the ground to make it look like a shadow was created by sunlight. Mirror effects are different because they are not shadows. They reflect the actual object and all its colors and details. But the reflected image will have some level of transparency to make it look like a true reflection.

For instance, if you take a picture of an object while it is sitting on a clear glass table, you might want the object’s reflection to be clearly noticeable in the glass. To make it look realistic, you would have a mirror effect applied to the object which shows a semi-transparent reflection of the object in the glass. This creates an authentic looking reflection that most people will believe as soon as they see it. On the other hand, if you were to use 0% transparency, then it would just look like two objects instead of one and its reflection.

The mirror effect can make a standard object appear more vibrant and professional. Most of our customers prefer the mirror effect for modifying their product images. You can use the effect on people too, but it only looks good under special circumstances. For the most part, product images are the best for using the mirror effect. It makes the products look as if they’re shining underneath a bright light. More importantly, the mirror effect will put more emphasis on the product which is casting the reflection.  Then your customers will notice the product a lot faster as they glance through your catalogue.

Professional Mirror Effect Services

When you need to apply a mirror effect to an object in your photo, do not attempt to do it yourself. There are so many different photo editing techniques and strategies that must be applied to make the mirror effect look just right. Reflecting the image is only part of the job because the color, tone and transparency levels all need to be set properly as well. This is not something an amateur will be able to do by themselves. They will need to hire a professional photo editor who has many years of experience creating these types of mirror effects for their clients.

The photo editing team at Clipping Path Space has mirror effect specialists available whenever you need them. By using a series of editing tools in Photoshop, they can create any type of reflection that your heart desires. These tools are not something that an amateur can learn overnight. To create the proper mirror effect, an editor must be good at tracing, drawing, clipping, shadowing, and so on. It is better to have an experienced pro handle such complicated tasks.

Clipping Path Space has three categories available for our mirror effect services. Since these are basically reflection services, there are different levels of reflection that you might want your objections to have. Some people might want shadowy reflections while others might prefer detailed reflections that capture more of the object. To learn more about these mirror effect categories and how much the services cost, the continue reading on below.

Basic Shadow – The basic shadow category of the mirror effect service is very similar to the same category found in the drop shadowing service. Technically, shadows can be mirrors of the objects above them. The only difference is the shadows do not show any of the colors or details of the object. If you’re just looking for a basic shadowy reflection that is black or grey, then you will want to choose the black shadow service. The price of this service is $0.35 per image, so it’s more than reasonable.

 Mirror Effect – The mirror effect category does more than just add a shadow reflection. This is the category that you’ll want to use to reflect more of the actual imagery of the object. Like stated above, the mirror will reflect more of the colors and details of the object instead of just the dark shadow. There will be a level of transparency in the mirror effect to give it realism. The price per image for the mirror effect is $0.85.

 Complex Shadow – The complex shadow category is reserved for photo edits which require a lot of different shadows and/or reflected imagery to be applied. This will usually involve photos with multiple objects or people in them which need to have reflection effects made. The price per image of a complex shadow job is $1.85.

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Do not trust those free online tools which claim that you can automatically add mirror effects to your images in a matter of minutes. These tools are often bogus and will end up making your images look worse instead of better. The only way mirror effects can be added properly to your images is if they are done manually. Not only that, they need to be added by professional photo editors who have several years of experiencing doing this kind of work.

Clipping Path Space manually executes all mirror effects jobs. We pride ourselves in the speed and efficiency of the work that we do for our clients. When we’re done with your photo, it will have the most authentic looking mirror effects that you can ever imagine. Just look at our portfolio of work to see examples of these effects. Let us do the same for you.

To send us a copy of your digital photo to be edited, you can email it to us using the address on the bottom of this page. Either that or you can click on “Request a Quote” on the Pricing page and upload the image through the request form. We will review your image and then send you back a quote on how much it will cost to edit it.