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Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching services are popular for enhancing the brightness and attractiveness of the person or object in a photograph. You can be the most professional photographer in the world and never quite capture the perfect image with just your camera alone. There are so many variables in your environment which can interfere with the quality of the photo that you’re taking. This will require you to retouch the photo with various effects to make it look better.

For instance, let’s say you’re taking wedding photos of a bride and groom. The lighting in the room may not be good enough for taking vibrant, high-quality photos of them. As a result, the bride and groom might have shadows or darkness on their faces and bodies. Since these are very special pictures, you would probably want to enhance their quality to make them look more appealing. Photo retouching is the way to make that happen.

Photo retouching doesn’t just apply to one Photoshop tool or technique. There are many kinds of photo retouching techniques out there. It all depends on what is required to enhance the photo. When darkness and shadows are the problem, photo retouching could involve brightening those areas and correcting their colors. If you take pictures outside and the sunlight causes unwanted glare or rings in your photos, then retouching can be done to remove those undesirable elements.

Professional Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching is a creative skill that requires an experienced photo editor to do it right. There are so many different tools and techniques which need to be implemented properly. Clipping Path Space has a team of photo retouching specialists who have mastered the art of photo enhancement, retouching, and restoration. We can take any photo that you have and give it the best makeover possible.

Our photo retouching services come in five categories based on their level of difficulty. These categories are basic retouching, jewelry retouching, glamour retouching, image restoration, and complex retouching. They are in order from cheapest to most expensive because of their ranging complexity. You will learn more about them below.

Basic Retouching – Our basic retouching service is the simplest retouching service of the group. This is designed for people who need a simple retouch or correction in their photograph. This could be a correction related to the brightness level, contrast, matching colors, fixing blurriness, or any other small little spot. For instance, if you have a photo of someone with a pimple on their face and you want the pimple removed in the photo, this would be a basic retouch job.

Jewelry Retouching – Jewelry retouching is a specialized image retouching service designed specifically for people who have jewelry pictures that need to be retouched. Any jeweler understands the importance of publishing attractive photos of jewelry. Whenever you see a photograph of a neckless or diamond ring, it is usually sparkling and vibrant. This brightness and attractiveness weren’t just captured with a camera. It required a lot of retouching and effects to be applied to the image to make it look like that. Clipping Path Space can do the same for your jewelry images. We can bring out the brightness and vibrance of your jewelry pieces so that they’ll appear attractive to customers.

Glamour Retouching – Glamour retouching refers to enhancing the portraits or photographs of people’s faces and/or bodies to make them look more vibrant. Perhaps you’re someone who is not happy with your natural appearance and wish to make yourself appear more attractive in your photograph. There are a lot of separate elements that fall into this image retouching category. We can perform weight reduction retouching, model retouching, clear skin retouching, and more. If you are a model or someone who is in the business of health and beauty, then glamour retouching will certainly be up your alley.

Image Restoration – Image restoration is a unique category of our image retouching services. Rather than just retouch a few areas here and there on your photo, we can restore the entire thing and make it look better. We are not just talking about digitally created images either. If you have old worn-out photographs which you’ve scanned and digitalized into your computer, we can digitally restore those photographs by eliminating as many of their imperfections as possible.

Image restoration requires a wide range of image editing techniques to be implemented, so there aren’t just one or two tools being used here. There are at least half a dozen tools in Photoshop that will be used for any image restoration task that we’re asked to do. In order to restore photos properly, our restoration experts will do things like convert B&W to full color, fix the contrast, enhance the brightness, create light effects, fix image borders, add/remove shadows, remove spots, remove scratches, and remove dust. With all these modifications, your image will look better than ever.

Complex Retouching – The complex retouching category is reserved for retouching jobs that might require certain objects or people to be removed from a photograph as well. To give you an example, let’s say you want to restore a B&W photograph as well as remove someone from it. This would fall under the category of complex retouching because both clipping path and restoration techniques will be used here.

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Clipping Path Space performs photo retouching jobs like these every day. No matter how complex or degraded your photo looks, we will work hard to make it as attractive as possible. Not only that, our prices for image retouching work are more than reasonable. A basic retouching job starts at only $0.35 per image while a complex retouching job is only $5.85. That is a pretty good deal considerable the tools and expertise that go into applying these touchups.

If you’re ready to get started, you can submit your service request on the “Contact Us” page. Either that or go to the “Pricing” page and choose “Get a Quote.” You will be able to submit your photo and project requirements this way. As soon as we review your requirements for your image retouching job, we will give you a custom price quote in response.